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Boarding Log 2010
  1-14-10           Windsurfer           4.5m          Los Barriles, Baja          JP Quad 84, Janice JP FSW 93 4.7m Arived and jumped right on the water sweet!                
Boarding Log
  1-15-10           Windsurfer           4.8m          Los Barriles, Baja          JP Quad 74 4.8 The Fly Sail, Janice JP FSW 93 4.9m Firefly. Another killer day!!                      
  1-16-10           Windsurfer           4.8m          Los Barriles, Baja          JP 85 FSW 4.8 The Fly Sail, Janice JP FSW 93 5.7m Firefly. Another great day!!                       
  1-23-10           Windsurfer/Kite           4.8m/10m        Los Barriles, Baja          JP 92 Twinzer wave 4.8 Fly /10m Switchblade, Janice JP FSW 93 4.9m Firefly.                     5/1
  1-19-10           Windsurfer           7.7m          Los Barriles, Baja          7.7m Hellcat  on 133 Futura Starboard. Light wind but warm and nice.                                     4
  1-24-10           Windsurfer           4.8m          Los Barriles, Baja         JP 92 Twinzer wave 75 JP wave seet board!, Janice JP FSW 93 and 4.9m Firefly.                    6
  1-25-10           Windsurfer/Kite           4.8m/10m        Los Barriles, Baja          JP 85 FSWwave 4.8 Fly /10m Switchblade, Janice JP FSW 93 4.7m Alpha.                            7/2
  2-14-10           Snowboard         155 cm         Mt. Sunapee, NH          Janice, Elaine, Margaret , Abby, Ian, Rob, Chris. Fun day!                                            1 
  2-23-10           Windsurfer           4.7m                  Area 51                     Nice little waves on Deadmans point and whities cove. Mike L & PK.    East wind              8 
  2-26-10           Kiteboard             11m             Hardings Beach                Shook, BB & myself. SE wind side shore. Snow squall & sun popping out. FUN!               3 
  2-27-10           Snowboard         168 cm         Stratton Mtn, VT          Janice, Tom & Kim. Great snow over a foot of fresh powder!  Thanks Tom!! Fun day!             2 
  2-28-10           Kiteboard             11m             Chapin Beach                Shook & myself. N wind on shore. Bit of a walk but worth it in the sleet. Shook went!           4 
  3-8-10                SUP                11' 3"m             SUPper Bowl            Gill and BB Sunny and warm waist high clean waves Sweet!!!                                                      1 
  3-12-10           Kiteboard             11m                  Area 51                 Shook, Peter, Holly & myself. E wind with out going tide.Nice little waves at deadmans.             5 
  3-13-10           Windsurfer           4.2m                  Area 51                Shook on 7m kite Peter 4.2m & Scooper on 3.5m, E wind. Nice waves at deadmans.                  9 
  3-14-10           Windsurfer           4.7m            Sandy Neck                Peter 4.7m, Mike 4.7m, Shook on 7m kite, Holly 5m kite, E wind. Nice sideshore waves.            10 
  3-18-10               SUP                11' 3"m             SUPper Bowl            Gill and BB Sunny and warm Shoulder high clean waves really NICE!!!                                     2 
  3-20-10               SUP                11' 3"m             SUPper Bowl            Gill, Peter & Scott S. Sunny and warm. Waist high clean waves really SWEET!!!                       3 
  3-28-10          Kiteboard              11m                   Area 51                     Shook, Peter, BB, Mike W & Dave. Knee high waves on Deadmans, mega slick!!!                  6 
  3-29-10           Windsurfer           45.2m            Coast Guard                Peter, Jeff with BB & Peter T on Kites Shlogging out through head highj waves Nice!.            11 
  4-3-10                 SUP                11' 3"m          Nauset Public            Gill, Peter, BB & Scott S. Sunny and warm. Waist high clean waves really SWEET!!!                     4 
  4-16-10           Windsurfer           4.7m            Frisco Woods, NC         Sunny and warm SW wind. Sailed the Sunset for Charlie. Janice 4.8m Bill 5.2m Nice!.            12 
  4-17-10           Windsurfer           4.7m            Frisco Woods, NC         Early morning session WSW wind.. Janice 4.8m Bill 5.2m Nice way to start the day.                13 
  4-18-10           Windsurfer           5.2m            Izabells, NC                light side-off session with Rocket Rick ENE wind. small waves but fun.                                 14 
  4-18-10                 SUP              11' 3"m             Frisco Pier, NC                Billy Boy me and a bunch of Dolphins. Fun little waves & warm water                             5 
  4-18-10            Kiteboard            11m            Frisco Woods, NC           Fun kite session at the Campground TT and strapless surfboard.                                      6 
  4-19-10            Kiteboard            11m            Frisco Woods, NC           Fun kite session at the Campground  strapless surfboard.                                               7 
  4-20-10                 SUP              11' 3"m             Rodanthe, NC            Jon H on his new stick. Fun little waves sunny, brisk water. Great beach day!!                           6 
  4-22-10                 SUP              11' 3"m             Frisco Pier, NC                Billy Boy, Janice Deb Nancy and the Young. Fun little waves & warm water                      7 
  4-23-10            Kiteboard            14m            Frisco Woods, NC           Fun kite session at the Campground  strapless surfboard.                                               8 
  4-24-10            Kiteboard            11m             Frisco Pier, NC              Mini Downwinder with Shook and Billy Boy fun on shore wave slashing!                              9 
  4-25-10           Windsurfer           4.7m            Frisco Woods, NC          Janice 4.8m Bill 5.2m .   Classic SW wind at the woods                                                15 
  4-26-10           Windsurfer           4.7m            Frisco Woods, NC          Janice 4.8m Then 4.3m  Bill 4.7m .   another Classic SW wind at the woods                        16 
  4-27-10           Windsurfer           4.7m            Frisco Woods, NC          Janice 4.3m & 5.2m Bill 4.7m .   Wind went WNW                                                      17 
  4-27-10            Kiteboard            11m            Frisco woods to Kite point          Strapless surfboard. Yokie, Angry, Shook, Bill, The Todd. Thanks for the ride back!                10 
  5-2-10            Kiteboard              11m                   Area 51                  PK & BB fun little waves with side off wind at Deadmans Point. Put a hole in my board.              11 
  5-3-10             Windsurfer           4.7m            Forest Beach               Classic WSW wind, Gill, PK, Tom, Z-brat, BB on kite was really lit for a while!!                     18 
Back by popular demand!!!
Kited South Beach from the MoJo 11m
Micro-waves at
Area 51, 5.2m sail
Good for forwards
PK, BB on kite
JS showed up and
killed the wind.